How Rodan And Fields Proved Beneficial To Me?

Purchasing the best beauty care product is such a daunting task because no one knows that what will be the results?

This was the same thing with me when I heard about Rodan and fields from one of my friends. I get to know more regarding this product from review and now, I am using it from a couple of months.

I ordered it online and it was delivered in just a few days of placing the order.

There were four things in the Rodan and fields reverse.

Each of them is specially made for the best and that’s why I get best results with its use.

How I Get To Know?

Many people think that using a beauty care product can be harmful but this wasn’t that thing in my case. In order to know more about more, I would like to tell a little about myself.

I am a blogger who gets into trouble a few months back when my skin becomes dry completely with wrinkles on it. Everything was going right before this thing but after this issue, I start losing everything because I start looking worst.

Perhaps, all this happen due to the use of makeup.

The dullness continues and I found brown spots on face. I lost confidence when everyone started taunting me and whenever I post the picture, there weren’t any good compliments.

I just wanted to seek the attention and I wasn’t able in this thing. I was thinking to stop doing blogging but my friend told me that why don’t I try beauty care products.

I just made my mind to never give up and start searching for the best product.

On a website, there were a couple of products reviews but the product which made me think about using it is Rodan and fields.

I searched more for this product and all the Rodan and Fields Reverse Review was heartwarming.

I just wait for a single day so that I could make my mind to buy it and then everything was set.

Making a deal was easy and there was an offer going on which helped me get this product on ten percent discount.

My First Reaction

After ordering R+F online, the product was delivered in few days.

The box was simple but when I open it then there was one more box.

Each and every product was inside the box so I unboxed everything.

This thing took me around 30 minutes to unboxing and checking out the method of using.

At first glance, I didn’t find anything new because this product looks similar but when I find that this product is developed by Stanford’s trained dermatologist.

There are some more things like its method of using made me feel that it’s very different from others. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting that this product can be too much different from others.

This is the reason that they are charging a little bit extra price from average rating products.

The developers of this formula claimed many things when the product was new to the market and it is on the words.

The product proved beneficial because it was easy to spot the difference. I clicked pictures every day and when I compare after a month with my first day then this was too easy to find the difference.

Everyone start complimenting and now, I am happy with it.

Sometimes people ask that how much more I will use it and the answer is  of course I will

Benefits of R&F Being On My Face

There are couple more products for anti-aging, unblemish and soothe which is going well in the market. These are also from the same manufacturer and these have the same kind of reviews of the reverse.

The benefit of using this product is that I am looking like 25 to 30 even I am 40.

Everyone wants to look good and if there is someone like me then he/she must check it out.

Deep Exfoliating Wash let me avail the brighter skin by washing my face every day.

This thing cleans out the dust and everything which is the reason behind dullness.

When I washed my face with it then I find that my face is clean and the good thing is regarding the use is that I was able to feel the results.

On the other hand, Intensive Brightening Toner made my face little bit moisturized.

The third thing is Dual Active Brightening Complex.

This thing is the mixture of vitamin c and retinol which means it provided the essential required by my skin. I used the last regimen

Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ Sunscreen and keep on using every day until now.

It’s been 2 months that I’m using it every night.

The positive results helped to get back to my happy life and whenever someone asks that which product is best then I suggest Rodan and fields’s product.

Final Words Regarding The Use Of Rodan And Fields Reverse

In the nut shell, I want to say that if you are like me and searching for the best product which can help you get rid of brown spots then only this product can be helpful.

According to my research Rodan fields is the best until now.

You can search for other products but in the end, you have to choose this. I am really happy with its use and some of the friends are also using it.

It is reputed and well-known product that’s why there are lots of people who have used it.

The last thing I want to say that there are some people having bad reviews but don’t be misguided because you won’t know about it until using it.

The benefit I get after using this product can’t be counted but I know one thing and that is regarding me. My life is back to the track and everyone compliment me.

Sometimes I think that if have never got to know about such products then I will stop blogging and many more things.

Going out to buy something was hard but not now.

Looking for more info on it, read more here








My Second Review for Rodan and Fields Reverse Review

Rodan and Fields Reverse Review

Rodan and Fields (1)

Hey all! How are we all doing? I have been busy writing a second review, this time all about the Reverse Product from Rodan and Fields.

My first blog post was all about the Unblemished product but now I want to talk about another great one they have!

I will be talking about a few things that are the same in my first article because you may not of seen that so I will also place it in this review as well.

Well lets get started and I hope you like it.

For most people skincare is a daily and essential regimen. Because of the polluted atmosphere and increasing workload, we tend to look 10 years older than our actual age.

The stress and sleep deprivation are also related to this and all of this contributes to damaging our skin overall.

Rodan and Fields basic skin care regimens take care of all of these problems. The skin brightening and lightening regimens reduce dark spots, puffiness and make you look fresh and young. It works in such a way so that your skin regains its original glow.

I found out about this extraordinary product the hard way after going through a lot of useless products that did not help me out but drained me out monetarily.

So this review is for those who are still looking for that suitable skin care product to make their skin better and healthier.


The Company

Rodan and Fields were started in the year 2002 by Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields. Initially they used to sell their products through offline gateways like high end departmental stores.

But fast forwarding now they have moved on to selling all of their products only through online gateways and through consultants. The marketing plan is purely based on MLM.

And going by their popularity and the sales figures, they are doing really well now!


Reverse Brightening Regimen

The Reverse Brightening regimen costs around $327. The regimen contains 5 products…

10 sachets of ACUTE CARE

A Deep Exfoliating Wash

An Intensive Brightening Toner

A Dual Active Brightening Complex

A Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ Sunscreen


These five products vows to get rid all of your basic skin problems and make your skin brighter and protects from further damage.

From what I learned after using it for 4 months is that, this is a proper skincare system. It is a combination of cosmetic and OTC ingredients which brightens the skin and even treats discolored skin.

The specialized formula of brightening regimen is very effective. Among other ingredients, it contains Vitamin C and Retinol, which provides you with radiant skin and an even complexion overall. This has helped me a lot and the results are perfectly visible.

The before and after effect pictures are easily differentiable.

This regimen eliminates dullness and cures uneven skin tone. If your skin has any dark or brown spots or any other skin problems which directs to serious exposure to the sun, this regimen will definitely cure it.

 skincare (1)

Reverse Lightning Regimen

The Reverse Brightening regimen costs $327. The regimen contains 5 products…

10 sachets of ACUTE CARE

A Deep Exfoliating Wash

An Intensive Lightening Toner

A Dual Active Lightening Complex

A Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ Sunscreen

These are the five products comprising the whole regimen. This vows to make your skin lighter and healthier overall.

As per my experience, I am using this exact regimen for the past 3 months and it is tailor made for lightening dark patches or spots, pigmentation. It also brightened my overall complexion as well.

It basically uses a highly effective formula which contains portions of hydroquinone which is known to eliminate discoloration of the skin and helps to eliminate wrinkles.

The special Liquid Cone Technology used by the brand removes the line defying peptides and hyaluronic acid straight into the wrinkles and provides you a smooth and softer looking experience.

And rightfully so, it gave my skin a brighter, young and a very gentle appeal!

Overall, the regimen is pretty effective. It is very fast to show its results as well. But you need to follow what is instructed very strictly for experiencing those results.


My ending thoughts

I am a fairly new user but it has been over a total of 7 months with these two regimens and I have seen the changes with my own eyes. These are without any doubt one of the best skincare products in the market.

Well, while most people are skeptical about the $300 price tag, I overcame it because one of my trusted friends recommended it, and now the rest is history.

As long as it shows results and it is effective, I guess we are ready to give our money.

If you want to look your best try using both Skin Lightning and Skin Brightening regimens together, just like me, enhanced results are guaranteed.

Thanks for reading my whole review all the way through if you did not thats ok!

Before you take off why not check out for more reviews

Thanks guys and girls!


Rodan and Fields Unblemished Review – My story my Review

Rodan and Fields Unblemished Review – My story my Review

Rodan and Fields (2)

Welcome to my review on Rodan and Fields Unblemished we will talk all about it right now!

With the exposure that Rodan Fields have gotten over the years its no wonder why they are one of the top skincare companies in the world.

They have sold over 800 million in products and are still going strong with their new regimes including the Unblemished regime.

I started seeing all their ads in all social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and even on my phone!

Rodan and Fields History

Rodan and Fields Logo

Lets reverse here for a quick moment.

Talk about who the creators are and where did they come from, R+F was created by Dr.Rodan and Dr.Fields these two ladies were also the creators of a product called Proactiv which helped lots of people with their acne then from there they wanted to adventure into other skin products so they created the Rodan and Fields line for everyone and for everything that is related to your skin.

It was a big jump from only focusing on one major issue like acne to then focus on all sorts of skin problems and building their regime’s which are meant to be the one stop shop.


Rodan and Fields Prices

The only problem I have with R+F was their prices you are looking at nearly $180 just for Unblemished regime.

It says it is meant to last you for 3 months but I was lucky to last just one month.

Maybe I was putting too much on to start with but still $180 is quite a lot of money hoping that it would work.

Then if you wanted to buy just one tube out of the regime it could set you back anywhere from $45-$90 which for me was way too much.

As a student, I was cutting it close and swapping my bills around just to try it out.

skincare (2)

Did Unblemished help my skin?

So a little about myself I am a full time student and am having major acne issues due to all the stress College and work are giving me I am just breaking out all over the place.

I am breaking out on my back my face and neck its not fun at all and I wanted to find something that would work.

So like us all we use the internet to see what is out there.

I used google for my search and read about Rodan and Fields Unblemished product.

It had lots of reviews that were floating around 60% with positive over negative so I took a chance and ordered it myself.

With my debts put aside I spent the $180 to try it out.

I was quite scared paying such a high amount for a skincare product but it was the only way I would see if it worked for me.

My results with Rodan and Fields Unblemished

So with everything put aside my makeup and my other skin products that did very little I started to put my main focus on R+F and use that for everything and not place much makeup on at the same time.

So my skin can breathe so much better and of course not alter the results of Umblemished.

In my first week of using it, it did hurt a bit like as if it was burning my skin or my skin turning a little red but I was told this is normal because of the toner inside the regimes.

Within my second week I started to see a difference with my skin.

Not getting as much acne but I am still a bit red in the face and some pimples are still coming up.

These few pimples are quite painful this time round.

Maybe it is because Unblemished is tightening my skin.

I don’t know ☹ With the first few weeks over and done with I was onto my third week and I started to see even more change a lot less red in the face but still am getting these larger pimples.

If I had missed a few days my skin would start to form acne quick smart.

Maybe it could be due to the food I was eating but some days I just had no time to do the route so I would just skip it.

Coming onto my forth week I used it every day of the week and it was not much difference to the two week mark apart from me running out of the product itself! I never knew it would empty so fast.

I was using it for my whole body and not just my face.

That could have been why it was gone by the end of the month.


Whats my Verdict

With using Rodan and Fields Unblemished for a little under a month I did see a difference in my skin but not as much as I wanted and hoped for.

At the price of $180 which was used in under a month I find it hard to want to spend that much on my skin too see a small improvement.

I know there are alternatives that could work better for less.

I just have not found them yet.

I hope you see a better result than I. Sadly sometimes people have recived worse result due to their skin being so sensitive. A mother from Mommys Review has a different story to be told. If you want to read it check it out.

Rodan and fields is all about trialing their products, because you dont know if it is right for you if you dont try. If you dont want to spend that much then try other different products first and see how they go. 🙂

Thank you for reading my review for the Unblemished Review.